San Antonio de las minas

Is located inland and northeast of Ensenada. It is a valley with marine influence discharge. Hills of up to 500 meters higher than sea level with predominantly granitic soils.

Guadalupe valley

Also located inland and northeast of Ensenada, further up than San Antonio de las Minas, It is perpendicularly to the ocean, with maximum height of 550 meters with varied soils.

Santo Tomas valley

With extensive valleys and 25 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, this zone posseses soils principally of sand and gravel. Hills of up to 350 meters high from sea level.

Ojos Negros Valley

This valley is located 37 kilometers inland and east of Ensenada. It is ideal for altitude vineyards with just a little marine influence and extreme marked temperatures.

San Vicente's valley

Located south of Ensenada with maximum height of 400 meters from sea level. Valleys and hills with soils consisting of red clays with good océanica influence.