About Us

This project started in 1999, when a group of friends had the desire to learn about how to make wine. Soon the opportunity came to crush a first harvest. At the beginning we had the idea to produce wine to share with family and friends, but after good results we had at making wine, we decided to make our project a reality and released our first wines to the market.

This is how VTV (Vinos Tres Valles) was born. Its name came about from the grapes we produce our wines from, come from the three most important valleys in the region: Valle de Guadalupe,San Antonio de las Minas, San Vicente de Ferrer.

Inspired by the origins of our state, our image and brands are based on the first native settlers of Baja California.

In VTV, we make honest wines with respect what the nature brings, related to the terroir, water and weather.

To obtain the grapes, VTV has agreements with several grape growers. They contribute the terroir and VTV puts the vineyard knowledge. Working this way, we obtain high quality grapes and the result can be tasted in our wines year by year.


JALA: God given name of ethnic group Kiliwa
KUWAL: Means red in ethnic language Kiliwa
MAAT: Means Terroir in ethnic language Kiliwa
KOJAA: Means wine in ethnic language Kiliwa


The building is constructed with the basic idea of the company: honesty, simplicity and respect of the natural ambience. The winery has a fermentation area with stainless steel tanks, and an aging cave. The winery is 20 km east of Ensenada in the town of San Antonio de las Minas.